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Asthma UK

Asthma UK is a charity that aims to promote research into asthma and its related disorders and to make sure the results of such research are widely known. It helps and provides a service for those with asthma and others interested in asthma and associated diseases.

Spreading knowledge about the causes, alleviation and cure of asthma and its related disorders and to disseminate the results of such research. It helps and provides practical knowledge on applying remedies among those professionally concerned with the suffering caused by asthma, asthma sufferers and their parents and guardians, and the general public.

Its statement of purpose says: "Asthma UK is the independent UK charity working to conquer asthma, in partnership with people with asthma and all those who share their concern, through a combination of research, education and support."

For more information contact Asthma UK, Summit House, 70 Wilson Street, London EC2A 2DB. Tel: 020 7786 4900. Fax: 020 7256 6075. Asthma Helpline: 08457 01 02 03, 9am to 7pm Mon-Fri.
In Scotland, Asthma UK Scotland, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE. Telephone 0131 226 2544. Fax: 0131 226 2401.

Registered Charity 802364


For pets in need of vets

PDSA is the UK's leading veterinary charity, caring for more than 350,000 pet patients belonging to people in need. PDSA provides free veterinary treatment to sick and injured animals and promotes responsible pet ownership.

Around the UK there are 43 PDSA PetAid hospitals and 4 PDSA PetAid branches that provide a range of medical and surgical veterinary services for sick and injured pets. These are staffed by highly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons and nurses.

Treatment to the sick and injured pets of eligible clients is completely free of charge. But because PDSA's veterinary services are funded entirely by public support, all owners are encouraged to make a contribution towards the cost of their pet's treatment, in order to enable PDSA to continue its valuable service. Despite the tremendous public support PDSA receives, it simply does not have the funds to treat all sick and injured animals. Therefore, PDSA's precious resources are concentrated on those animals whose owners are the most in need in the community.

PDSA was founded in 1917 by Maria Dickin CBE, an animal welfare pioneer. PDSA is non-campaigning, and non-political.

PDSA was added to the con charities beginning with Redemption '11, for all of our animal companions and non-human family members, and in memory of the con chair Lesley's beloved cat Mursya (1993-2009).

For more information, contact PDSA as detailed on their web site.

Registered charity nos. 208217 & SC037585

The Woodland Trust

The objectives of the Woodland Trust are to conserve, restore and reestablish trees, particularly broadleaf trees, plants and all forms of wildlife in the UK. The Woodland Trust is the UK's leading charity dedicated solely to the protection of the UK's native woodland heritage.

By acquiring woodland sites the Woodland Trust brings them into care and protection in perpetuity. Many of the woods were previously under threat from development pressure or unsympathetic management. Woodland Trust woods are sympathetically managed for wildlife and public enjoyment. Woodland Officers organise their specialist care throughout the UK in accordance with the Woodland Management Principles. They also replace those woods that have been lost to landscape and create more new native woodland than practically anyone else in the UK. The Woodland Trust uses its experience and authority in conservation to influence others who are in a position to improve the future of native woodland. This includes government, other landowners and like-minded organisations.

Since it was founded in 1972 the Woodland Trust has grown to care and protect over 1000 sites covering 16,600 hectares (41,000 acres). This includes nationally and internationally important sites as well as small urban and village woods. Over 340 of the sites contain ancient woodland, some 5,800 hectares, of which 70 per cent is semi-natural ancient woodland - land which has never been cleared or replanted by man. They also protect over 100 woodland Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the UK's finest examples of wildlife habitats.

It relies on the goodwill of individual and corporate members and supporters to continue to protect the country's native woodland heritage.

For more information contact The Woodland Trust, Autumn Park, Dysart Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 6LL. Tel: 01476 581111. Fax: 01476 590808.

Registered Charity 294344