Guests of honour

Redemption 17's guests are:

Dr Lynette Nusbacher is a writer and historian, with many books to her name as well as being a familiar contributor to many military history TV documentary series. A re-enactor and fencer as well as longtime genre fan, she was previously Senior Lecturer in War Studies at Sandhurst, and has genre work to come.

Steve Lycett is a producer with Sheffield-based videogame developer, Sumo Digital. Over the past decade, Sumo have developed games in the F1, Outrun, Sonic & Sega, and Virtua Tennis series, as well as the Doctor Who Adventure Games. His most recent titles include Crackdown 3 and Dead Island 2.

Miranda Gower-Qian is a film historian and archivist, specialising in silent cinema.

Thalia Evans is an artist who ran our Artists' Alley last time, and will do so again this year.

David Wake is an actor, director, playwright, etc. best known in fandom for his Captain Tartan play, a new sketch of which will lead the Cabaret at this year's convention. He will also run an acting and directing workshop.

Previous guests

One sign of how fan-friendly Redemption guests are is that several of our guests have come back again. We make it a policy that any guest automatically gets free membership to all future Redemptions (although they have to pay their own expenses and hotel room), and several of them have done so.

Previous guests over the years have included Gareth Thomas, Michael Sheard,Brian Croucher,Scott Fredericks, Virginia Hey,Ben Aaronovitch, Jim Swallow, Paul Cornell, Damian London, Jason Carter, Dan O'Bannon, Andy Lane, Jim Mortimore, and others.

Note: All invited guests appear subject to work commitments