Member Services


You can make advance bookings for Redemption '20 at any time up to two weeks before the start of the convention (28th August 2020). The price goes up as time goes on - save money by booking sooner! (See the rates page for details.)

Viewing/updating your membership details

If you booked online, the e-mailed booking confirmation contains a link that you can use to check and/or update your details in the online membership database. Or use the link below to request another confirmation message containing details of your booking. If you need to change anything, you can follow the link in the message to update your details.

Online checking and updating of your details requires the e-mail address that you originally supplied with your booking. If you did not supply an address, or if, for some reason, you aren't able to use it, please contact our Membership secretary for assistance.

Current membership list

If you wish to opt out of (or in to) this listing, you can change your preference by contacting our membership team.

Volunteering to help out

You can register your willingness to help out during Redemption, using our on-line database.

Upgrading your membership

If you are a Supporting member, and wish to upgrade, you can do so through our on-line system, by following the link we email to you.