Redemption has a solid reputation for its strong programming, and this one will be no exception. At some other conventions, the "programme" means "which guest talks when", and "when the signing/photo sessions are". While we have both of those at Redemption, we have so much more, too, with discussions, debates, games and workshops all scheduled in parallel around the convention hotel. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you want, but there's certainly plenty of choice!

This year’s Redemption is loosely themed round “revolution” in all senses of the world. Or, perhaps it's more "Renaissance." We look back at our favourite rogues and rebels of the last 50 years, their grand plans for change, their screen victories over tyranny - and their opponents. How might things have worked out in real life? We revisit Blakes 7 in honour of the late great Gareth Thomas, The Prisoner on its 50th anniversary and come full circle to some recent reboots of Scifi classics – Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar and more. Those of you who have seen a Redemption programme before know that the only word that really describes it is “eclectic.”

Alongside old favourites such as our Saturday cabaret, Ruler of the Universe competition and balloon debates we will be discussing everything from current issues in fandom to the Musketeers’ wardrobe. Real time creative items – our at con publishing project, artist’s alley and chaos panels run alongside the practical –( would *that * move would really have worked at the Tower of Joy?, how do I knit a dalek?-)- and the speculative- Will we get to Mars this century- or further, how digital effects really work and how your phone will look in 2020.

There is space –and programme time – to showcase your hobbies , breakfast comparison of nu versus old Dr Who, afternoon Kaffeeklatsch with our guests and late night shivers with the Club of the Damned’s spooky stories. We have professional cosplayers to troubleshoot everything from catsuits to Klingon foreheads and a film festival pairing the greats of the silver screen with new angles – like just how much slash can be found in that swash and buckle .There will also be more than one chance to indulge your own desire to tread the boards.

Those are just * some* of our programme currently in development, we welcome your suggestions because we can’t do this without you. Everything at Redemption is interactive – run by fans for fans. If you would be interested in volunteering , please let us know to the Our programme mentors are happy to help you develop your ideas pre- or at con.

*Committee members are reminded of the long standing tradition of them appearing in a cosplay at least once through con.*

You will find the programme grid here.

A list of items by room and time is viewable here.

You can find full details of this year's programme in our Programme Book. You'll receive a printed copy when you arrive at the con, but you can start reading and planning your weekend now!