Programme Volunteers

As with any convention, Redemption will depend not only on the guests of honour and on the committee's work, but on the members who volunteer to help it run smoothly. That would be you.

You can use the online membership form to volunteer to help with various operational aspects of the con (do it when you book, or go to the membership services page to find out how to add edit your details).

But if you want to volunteer to take part in programme items, use this form to tell us about your interests - and to let us know your ideas, too!

Comics and graphic novels
Fan programming

Interests and experience
Please tell us about any relevant interests or experience you have, such as favourite programmes or films

Are there any constraints on when you can appear on programme items? (For example, not on Sunday, or only after 12pm)

Would you like to run a workshop? If so, please give details

Do you have any ideas for panels you would like to see or be on? Please indicate if you would like to be on any of your suggestions.

Would you like to run a game? If so, please give details

Other suggestions
Do you have any other programme suggestions?

Thank you for volunteering! We will try to find suitable items for all programme volunteers.