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Information for Dealers

About the Dealers Room

As usual, we will be having a Dealers Room at the next Redemption convention.

The Dealers Room will be where you can spend your hard-earned cash. In the past, we’ve had dealers selling books, zines, clothes, jewellery, memberships for other conventions (including other Redemptions…) and memorabilia.

Table types

There are Pro tables, Fan tables, and Con tables:

  • Pro tables are for professional dealers – those who operate shops for profit, and make their living from selling their stuff.
  • Fan tables are for fans – those who don’t usually sell things, but have a hobby or interest or side-line that might interest other fans.
  • Con tables are for upcoming conventions, who are selling memberships.

At Redemption, the distinction is largely academic, though at earlier conventions, it has affected pricing.


All tables are £15 each. We’re not distinguishing between Fan and Pro tables this time around (although if you’re after a con table, please contact us in advance; it may be that we can arrange a table-swap, to promote future Redemptions at your convention instead).


As the Dealers Room is in the convention’s function space, all people staffing a table must have their own convention membership. A fan dealer is likely to spend most of the con attending programme items, so would normally have a full convention membership, but a pro dealer will probably spend most of each day on the table. Therefore, we have a ‘Dealer and Dance’ membership category, which grants access to the Dealers Room and the evening ceilidh/disco/whatever event, so pro dealers can let their hair down while the Dealers Room is closed. Since these memberships don’t grant access to the rest of the programme, they’re a lot cheaper – only £10 each.


You can book tables when you join Redemption. Our on-line booking form allows you to select Dealer and Dance or any of the other membership types, and near the bottom of the booking form, there is a section for “Dealer Tables”:

  • Tables: Enter the number of tables you require. They’re £15 each.
  • Fan tables vs Pro: This is just for our records. It doesn’t affect your booking.
  • Electricity: Tick this if your stall needs access to a 13-amp power socket. (See Specific Requirements).
  • Notes: Enter here any additional special requirements you might have.

If you’re already a member, you can alter the number of tables on your booking (to add more) by the usual process of changing your membership.

If you don’t want to pay via credit card, you can still book on-line, and send your cheque along later – see the page about joining by post.


The location within the hotel of the Dealers Room (or rooms) for Redemption ’22 is still to be decided.

Opening times

Opening times for the Dealers Room will be displayed here when they have been finalised.

Normally, the Dealers Room is open during the day, and closed at the end of afternoon programming. Outside these times, the room is secured.

Food and drink

If dealers order bar snacks, they can ask for them to be delivered to their table (non-dealers are not permitted to bring food or drink into the Dealers Room). There will be a supply of drinking water available in the Dealers Room.

Specific requirements

If you have particular requirements for your stall (beyond access to a power-socket), please let us know in advance, when you book (via the “Notes” field). Don’t leave it until you arrive!


The convention accepts no responsibility for any losses from dealers’ tables. Please be considerate of others if selling material that some may find unsuitable, as there will be children at the convention.

The convention does not condone literary theft or the sale of pirated or bootlegged material. Dealers caught selling fake autographs will be expelled from the convention with no refund.

Free tables?

At earlier Redemption conventions, we offered a free table to each adult member staying in the hotel on the Saturday night. Since we’ve dropped the cost of tables to £15 for all, this offer no longer stands.


Since the cost is only £15 per table, we don’t ask for deposits, but we take payment in full, up front.

Booking tables on the door?

It’s possible that you might be able to book one or more tables on the door, when you arrive at the convention, but we don’t guarantee it; it depends on the remaining space available. We recommend booking early to guarantee a space.