Redemption 2023

The Multimedia Science Fiction Convention
24th-26th February 2023, Royal Victoria Hotel, Sheffield

Guests of Honour

Professor Elemental, steampunk legend and chap-hop star, who will also be holding a gig in Sheffield; more details on that will follow in due course!

Paul Magrs, writer and artist, creator of Iris Wildthyme and The Brenda and Effie Mysteries, author of a number of Doctor Who novels and audios and much more besides.

Previous guests

One sign of how fan-friendly Redemption guests are is that several of our guests have come back again. We make it a policy that any guest automatically gets free membership to all future Redemptions (although they have to pay their own expenses and hotel room), and several of them have done so.

Unlike some other “media” conventions, our policy is to have a range of guests; not just actors, but writers, directors, special effects, make-up, costuming etc.

Since our guests are encouraged to join in all the fun activities with everyone else, they may well be found chatting in the bar, sitting in the audience, and joining in silly games. We’re not one of those cons where you sit in a big hall and listen to the guest giving the same talk that they’ve given at the last 25 conventions.

Previous guests over the years have included Gareth Thomas, Michael Sheard, Brian Croucher, Scott Fredericks, Virginia Hey, Ben Aaronovitch, Jim Swallow, Paul Cornell, Damian London, Jason Carter, Dan O’Bannon, Andy Lane, Jim Mortimore, and others.

Note: All invited guests appear subject to work commitments