Multimedia Science Fiction Conventions


Redemption has a solid reputation for its strong programming, and this one will be no exception. At some other conventions, the “programme” means “which guest talks when”, and “when the signing/photo sessions are”. While we have both of those at Redemption, we have so much more, too. There are discussions, debates, games and workshops all scheduled in parallel around the convention hotel. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you want, and there is certainly plenty of choice.

Those of you who have seen a Redemption programme before know that the only word that really describes it is “eclectic.” We have tried and tested favourites such as balloon debates, our Sunday cabaret, Ruler of the Universe and a whole lot more. If you fancy a turn at any of these, let us know! There is the opportunity to showcase your hobbies, debate new versus old Dr Who, join an afternoon Kaffeeklatsch with our guests and the prospect of late night shivers with the Club of the Damned’s spooky stories.

There is also the opportunity to get involved with the programme – would you like to be on a panel, moderate, provide a talk or just have an idea you would love to run? Please let us know! This is a convention run by fans for fans and your input will be very welcome! Also… if you have any concerns or nerves about speaking in front of people, you can be assured of an appreciative audience and of support.

When programme details for the upcoming Redemption is ready, they will be linked to here. Full details of the programme will be available in our Programme Book. You’ll receive a printed copy of this when you arrive at the con.