Multimedia Science Fiction Conventions

Membership Rates

Prices for our next event will be displayed here.

Adult weekend and day membership is cheaper in advance than on the door. The prices for under-18s, and for apocryphal (toy) and supporting members remain constant throughout.

Membership TypeWhen availableShortly before the eventOn the door
Adult full weekend£ TBARegistration closed£ TBA
Adult one day£ TBARegistration closed £ TBA
Under-18 full weekend£ TBARegistration closed £ TBA
Under-18 one day£ TBARegistration closed £ TBA
Under 3FreeRegistration closedFree
Supporting£ TBARegistration closedRegistration closed
Apocryphal (for teddy bears etc accompanied by a paying human)£1Registration closedRegistration closed

There are discounts for students, pensioners, members with registered disabilities, and unemployed members, but please note that you’ll have to bring proof of eligibility with you to the con, or you will be asked to pay the full price. The discounts are £20 off a full weekend membership, and £5 off a day membership. These discounts are not cumulative, and only apply to the Adult full weekend and Adult day memberships; they do not apply to Under-18, Apocryphal or Dealer and dance memberships.

Refunds are available until a couple of months before the convention, less a £10 administration fee.

We close advance registrations – postal and on-line – in the two weeks before the convention starts, to give us time to do pre-con preparations such as printing badges.

We also close changes to membership details at the same time, and for the same reason. Prior to this, you can change most of the details of your membership – your address, badge name, etc.

As always, we recommend joining early on – it’s cheaper, and it makes life easier.

Explanation of Rates

Adult full weekend

An adult full weekend membership gives you access to all of the convention programme items, events, areas, and so on, for all three days of the convention. This is the most common kind of membership, and gets progressively more expensive as we get closer to the con. We recommend booking early. Discounts are available for Adult full weekend memberships.

Adult day membership

An Adult day membership gives you full access to the convention, just like an Adult full weekend membership, except that it only applies for a single day (Saturday or Sunday). Note that if you want to come for two days, it’s cheaper to buy an Adult full weekend membership rather than two Adult day memberships – especially since the Adult full membership is cheaper before the con. Discounts are available for Adult day memberships.

Under-18 memberships

Under-18 memberships are available for the full weekend, or for an individual day. Obviously, whether you get an Adult or Under-18 membership depends on your age. A handful of programme items at previous Redemptions have been concerned with mature content, and so have been adults-only. There may be similar programme items at the coming Redemption, but the vast majority of the programme is available to Under-18 members too. Discounts do not apply to Under-18 memberships.

Under-3 memberships

Children under 3 are free. If you register them, they get their own badge.

Dealer and dance memberships

If you are a dealer who is going to spend all of each day in the Dealers Room, then you can get a Dealer and dance membership. These memberships, available only to dealers, allow you access to the dealers room and the evening disco events, only. See the information for dealers.

Supporting Memberships

A Supporting membership allows you to support Redemption, even though you’re not actually attending the convention. Think of it like a membership that allows you to be there in spirit, but not in person.

If you buy a Supporting membership, and then actually manage to come after all, you just convert your Supporting membership into an attending membership by paying the difference. Since the price goes up, the closer we get to the con, you’d pay the difference for the price at the time you converted the membership. (But of course the sooner you convert your Supporting membership into a full membership, the more chance you’d have of being able to find a suitable hotel room…)

Apocryphal memberships

Apocryphal memberships are for toys, so that your Beeblebear or Clanger can have a nice membership badge to wear, too. There’s a limit of one apocryphal member, per full paying member, and apocryphal members must be registered in advance.


If you’ve booked for Redemption and then find that you can’t attend, you can obtain a refund of your convention membership fee (less an administration charge of £10), on request, up until a couple of months before the convention takes place. Refunds after that time will be considered only in exceptional circumstances. However, you can sell on your membership to someone else at any time up to the start of the convention. Just email our membership address and give your details (so we know who is selling the membership) and the details of who is buying it. Please note that it is not possible to have your membership ‘rolled over’ to the next Redemption.