Redemption 2023

The Multimedia Science Fiction Convention
24th-26th February 2023, Royal Victoria Hotel, Sheffield

Redemption ’05

What People Said About Redemption ’05

There’s just something about a good con. Even once you’re back home, exhausted from all the fun, you just don’t want to let go. Sometimes, you just have to relive all those good memories, by writing them down. Here’s what some of our members said about Redemption ’05.

Overheard quotations

The following were overheard at various points during Redemption ’05. Make of them what you will…

  • “Breed your own tech crew; it’s a long process but it works.”
  • “I’m like an elephant. I have a long memory and you wouldn’t want me to step on you.”
  • “It’s better than last year, because there wasn’t one last year.”
  • “I’ve just got to stash this and pick up a bear”
  • “What spoiled science fiction for me was getting a PhD in Astrophysics.”
  • And, from a young child’s mother, as the child won a prize and was invited to pick something from the pile of goodies sitting on a table:
    “No, you can’t have the microphone.”

Short but sweet

Some sound-bites for Redemption:

  • The con was absolutely fantastic and I’m echoing the general sentiments of ‘best con I’ve been to, roll on 07’! Thanks to everyone, committe, helpers, guests and members, who made it such a fabulous weekend 🙂
  • Redemption was absolutely bloody amazing.
  • One of the best cons I’ve ever, ever been to, and that’s no word of a lie.

Coupla paragraphs

Marty Roth:
Just wanted to say that, like (it appears) everyone else, I had a wonderful time at the second Redemption I was actually able to attend – even better than at the first one.

The programming was splendid, the guests were fabulous, the members (including the committee and, redundantly, the guests) were marvelous, lots of other things could be described if I had a thesaurus handy, and I never had to worry about keeping my drink cold.

It was great to see everyone again, even those of you who didn’t know who I was… and even those of you who wished you didn’t know who I was but were too polite to tell me to go away. 🙂

Christine Davidson:
Just to add a big THANK YOU from Michael and me to all the Redemption Team. We know it takes a tremendous amount of work to make a Con run so smoothly, and it was just the perfect combination: the friendliness of a MediaCon plus the varied programming of a more general SF Con. We had an absolutely brilliant time! Highlights were

  • Mat’s models and slide show
  • Looking after Ann’s rat-run (made specially for the Con) in the Zocolo
  • Room 101
  • The stagefighting workshop (though we only managed along to the first part)
  • The “Og’s 7” video (definitely worth another showing)…..

……..and probably lots of other things I’ll remember as soon as I hit “send”!

Also a special thanks to everyone who came along to the SF Music Quiz on Sunday afternoon. It was the first time we’ve run a program item at a “proper” Con – hence a nerve-wracking experience – so peoples’ support and participation was much appreciated. We just hope the “overexuberance” at some points (I thing we were closer to needing a UN Peacekeeping force than the Chair Iain suggests) didn’t spoil it for anyone!

If we ever do another one, we shall ask David, Gary or Steve K to come along with one of those big wooden sticks (or, better still, an air powered shotgun) and keep order….

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Unfortunately we can’t make Eastercon this year, but maybe catch up with some of you at Star One, or Worldcon in Glasgow in August.

We’d just like to say that this con was fan-*-tastic, Catherine enjoyed this one much more than the ’03 one.

My highlights:

  • Driving off the M69 at the wrong junction on the way to the con, and discovering that I couldn’t get back on, and had to drive through hinckley (Doh!)
  • Also when leaving, turning onto the M6 going north (more Doh!)
  • The poetry reading, and even more so the poetry writing panels
  • The Veil and Ceilidh Workshops
  • Filking on Saturday (my first public outing with the mandolin where I could actually play!)
  • Being on my first panel (the stargate gods one on sunday) Vampires and black pudding wasn’t so hot, but there you go
  • The future of Sf & Fantasy was excellent
  • Chatting to Jason / Jim / Ken / Matt over the weekend
  • Meeting lots of new (and old) friends.
  • the two german girls and Helen in the bar on Saturday
  • oh! the Cabaret was fab, especially the girl with the fiddle and she came to the filking later
  • lots of other people to numerous to mention.

and giving Jason a lift home of course!

Some of our members posted their reports on their LiveJournals: