Multimedia Science Fiction Conventions

Registration Desk

The Registration Desk is where all the con members go to get their name badges, programme booklet and other interesting goodies, when they arrive at the con. The Reg Desk team have the job of ensuring that everyone who arrives gets their stuff with the minimum of hassle. Mostly, the members are pre-registered, and it’s a matter of finding their names on the list and ticking them off. Some members prefer to register on the day, when they arrive, so the Reg Desk team have to take their money and enter them into the register as a day member.

We need volunteers to help run the Reg Desk. We arrange for a rota of teams, so that there’s always a couple of people on the desk (while it’s open), and more at the busiest times (Friday afternoon, Saturday morning).

If you’ve never been to a con before, volunteering for the Reg Desk is a good way to meet people and get involved. If you’re a seasoned con-goer, you’ll know how infuriating it can be to be waiting in a long line to register, so this is your chance to help out: the more people in the Reg Desk team, the smaller the queue.

The Registration team are also responsible for the desk that will be taking advance registrations for the following Redemption.

If you’d like to be involved with this, contact the membership team!